Grow Plants Easier & Better

Derived from mineral-rich vein deposits, that have been sitting on the land for over 100 years, and has been fractured and hydro-cleaned. Making the natural silica and the unique composition of macro and micronutrients bioavailable from the very first watering.

Deliver Powerful Nutrients and Minerals
and Retain Water — Scientifically Proven to
Help Boost Plant Yields.

Use Harvest Gold Organics incredible natural properties to produce high-yielding, stronger, more vibrant plants. This highly purified natural resource holds water, fertilizer, and essential nutrients where they’re needed most: at the roots. You’ll be able to enrich any type of soil with Harvest Gold Organics unique composition.

Harvest Gold Organics™
Provides These Purified Minerals:

Silica (Si) (85%)

  • This beneficial substance, soluble Si, improves plant tolerance to stress.
  • Improves water retention and nutrient release.
  • Reinforces the structural integrity of the plant, making stems, walls, leaves and branches thicker and stronger.

Available Phosphate (P2O5) (.03%)

Helps plants convert nutrients into usable building blocks with which to grow.

Soluble Potash (K2O) (0.12%)

Improves movement of water, nutrients & sugars.

Calcium (Ca) (1%)

Promotes root development and protein synthesis.

Magnesium (Mg) (0.2%)

Activate enzymes and provide essential support to produce chlorophyll, needed for photosynthesis.

Sulphur (S) (.11%)

Helps transform proteins and distribute chlorophyll, increases root growth, and aids in transpiration and metabolic processes.

Iron (Fe) (1%)

Helps enhance coloration and leaf respiration, and contributes directly to enzyme production.

Manganese (Mn) (0.06%)

Increases photosynthesis and energy while improving growth.

Sodium (Na) (0.01%)

Aids plant metabolism, photosynthesis & osmosis.

Zinc (Zn) (0.01%)

Improves growth hormone production and internode elongation.

The Ultimate Soil Conditioner

Silica and nine naturally occurring beneficial minerals from Mother Earth, guaranteed to maximize plant growth and durability.

Grow Plants Easier & Better!

  • Builds Healthy Soils
  • Feeds Continuously
  • Grows Strong, Vibrant, Beautiful Plants
  • Protects Against Mold and Disease
  • Non-Toxic, Chemical Free
  • USDA certified for organic use on flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs
  • Great for those stubborn lawn patches too
  • For all indoor or outdoor projects

Super Charge Your Soil with
Harvest Gold Organics™

Exceptional Water Retention

The silica sand’s crystal formation helps retain water and fertilizer at the roots, trapping the benefits around the root system while providing the perfect percolation for ideal respiration, enabling healthier more resilient plants.

Nutrients Released Over Time

Nutrients are released slowly into the soil, breaking down over time, giving your plants a more balanced, predictable growth cycle.

Increases Plant Health

Plant-loving silica fortifies plant walls, branches, leaves and flowers, helping them become larger, fuller and more resistant to weather changes, drought, mold and disease. The silica also allows the nine other essential plant nutrients in the product to work more effectively resulting in less need for additional products.

Improves Soil Structure

Master growers look to improve their soil structure by adding amendments such as perlite, vermiculite, sand etc.

Harvest Gold Organics™ Premium Soil Conditioner improves soil structure in addition to all of the other benefits making it truly a multi-beneficial product.

Improves Soil Health

Helps to reduce metal toxicity, specifically manganese, cadmium and aluminum and improves the flushing of salts — improving root respiration, resulting in healthier more vibrant plants that help them reach their genetic potential.

Faster Growth

Plants go from seed to full maturity faster than you ever thought possible.

Safe for All Plants, People and the Planet

Use anytime with any type of indoor or outdoor plant. It’s great for gardens, lawns, shrubbery, and trees. And safe to use around pets and children.

All you need is soil, a little fertilizer to start, and then water You will not need to feed your plants for the entire season and will be watering less.

How to Use
Harvest Gold Organics™

Add to Soil Mix

Add 1 part Harvest Gold Organics™ Premium Soil Conditioner per 10 parts soil used during planting to the planting hole before placing your plants. Mix uniformly. Add water.

Add to Water

Add 1 part Harvest Gold Organics™ Premium Soil Conditioner in 10 parts hot water. Let it sit for 1 hour. Use during normal watering or for foliar feeding.

Our Customers Say It Best!

Improves Cellular Structure

“During the season I picked up some clones where the roots hadn’t had a chance to take hold. By the time I got them 50% were dead. I immediately trimmed all the dead leaves off the last 50% that were rapidly dying and applied a liquid topping solution of water and HGO. I also put HGO on the plugs that the clones were in. Then I decided to transplant the plugs into organic soil with HGO. The hemp immediately started to bounce back.”

After two weeks of watering with and applying HGO, I was able to bring back 400 of the 800 bad clones. I put them in the ground as I did others, just HGO and native soil. To date 373 of those clones will be harvested this season, and they would have surely died if I had not applied Harvest Gold Organics.
Your Product saved my season!”

Sierra Neblina, Master Grower
Fruit of Gaia Hemp, Colorado

Increases Yields

“I have been a tomato grower for many years. Last growing season I used Harvest Gold Organics. I Placed four plants in the Harvest Gold Organics and four plants in my usual growing media. The Harvest Gold Organics plants towered over the other plants, the stalks were stronger, and I did not have to stake the plants. The Harvest Gold Organics plants produced more tomatoes, the fruit had the best flavor, and the peels were thin and easy to remove. I will use Harvest Gold Organics for now on, on all my plants, every growing season. I highly recommend Harvest Gold Organics for anyone wanting the best crop with the best produce.”

Valerie browning, Tomato Grower

Water Conservation

“Harvest Gold Organics definitely retained more water in the soil. In my tests it was around 25-30%, or watering 3 times versus watering the control 4 times. The plants that had HGO applied to the soil showed better color in the leaves, as well as overall branch growth and size – almost 40% bigger.”

Kevin Stevens, CEO Oasis Genetics,
North Carolina

Cuts Weeks Off Grow Cycle

“The results from the trial were overwhelmingly positive. We did a trial with 130 plants total. Fifteen were amended with Harvest Gold Organics and the other 115 were controls. Out of those plants, 121 made it into flower from initial transplant. Thirteen were tested and 108 were controls. Once everything was said and done, the 13 plants yielded on average 17.9% more dry flower weight.”

Gevin Gros, Greenhouse Manager
Heartland Industries, Colorado

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