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General Product

Naturally occurring mineral-rich quartz deposits, containing 85% silica and other beneficial elements including iron, calcium, magnesium, potash, sulfur, manganese, phosphate, sodium and zinc.

Harvest Gold Organics isn’t created in a lab or factory. The chemical-free additive is recycled and purified from 100-year-old gold mine tailings from the historic Congress Mine in Arizona. A unique angular shape was created different than other silicas due to the crushing process of the mine. This unique shape of the particles rgulate water and nutrient absorption.

As little as 10-14 days with plants in soil, and 3-4 weeks when rehabilitationg lawns/ lawn spots.

You will need to be conscious, especially with potted plants, of over-watering, since HGO retains water for your plants. Be sure to check your soil for moistness before each watering session to get a feel for your new watering schedule.

HGO comes to you in a state of mineral decomposition, meaning that the Silica and it’s accompanying nutrients are bio-available to your plant as soon as you apply it.

It works great with both!

Yes! Add 1/10 HGO to your 9/10 compost mixture during the composting process. The minerals and silica will contribute greatly to the health and balance of the resulting soil.

HGO doesn’t expire!

Any type of plant will benefit from HGO. Grass, Flowers, Houseplants, Outdoor plants, Trees, Shrubs, Vegetables, Fruits or Hemp

Yes. You may even find that some are tastier!

Take care not to inhale it

You can find this document by clicking here.


Please refer to our application rate pdf here.

Yes, in fact we recommend recycling your soil!

1-1.5 cups

1 application, mixed thoroughly into your soil

Applying a 2-4 inch layer to the bottom of a newly constructed raised bed will create a great barrier between your bed’s soil and the exterior environment, as well as the drainage zone. For your actual soil mixture, use the proportions recommended on the package and mix thoroughly throughout.

For potted plants and raised beds you will get the most benefit mixing HGO in with your soil mix before planting. Adding to existing soil with a 1” inch top soil and mix down into the bed or pot and top dress also provides great benefits during any growth stage. For lawns apply when grass in not dormant to boost growth. Order Harvest Gold Organic today online.

Aerate, apply to problem spots/areas, water thoroughly. For Lawns patches, top dressing when your grass is not dormant will encourage new growth

For trees that are already planted, this can help your trees sustain and thrive through hot temperatures as the silica holds on to moisture long enough for roots to get a good drink.

For trees, take a spool of rope or string. Wrap the string around the width of the tree. Place one end of the string at the base of the tree and the other end perpendicular out as far as the string will reach and circle the tree measuring the circumference to apply HGO. You can till it down into the soil a few inches and also put down 2” of top dressing. Water at the base of the tree, the circular area around the tree top-dressed with HGO will create a container of water helping it to feed down into the soil around the trees roots.


Even though HGO has a pH level of 8.4, it will not cause many major swing in overall pH. In terms of CCE (calcium carbonate equivalent), HGO has a low Effectiveness factor and %CCE. Therefore HGO should not significantly raise the soil pH.


The silica in HGO reduces fungal activity. Silica is incorporated into the xylem and phloem of the plant, thus strengthening the ‘main plumbing’ of the plant. In return the plant can tolerate more environmental stress.

HGO increases nutrient uptake and provides silica and 9 other minerals that support healthy plant growth. Plants with HGO have strong stalks and leaves and are less susceptible to damage from pests. Soil is less likely to have fungal mats and fungal gnats

PART 1: N (Nitrogen) .01 ; P (Phospherous) .1 ; K (Potassium) .03
PART 2: Our product is not technically a fertilizer, and shouldn’t really replace fertilizers rather than work along side them and enhance the affects. The active ingredient is Silica and other minerals favorable to plants, which produce outcomes similar to fertilizers (i.e. fast growth, more robust plants, etc…) so the NPK numbers being such low percentages are not a good gauge when deciding where this fits into your regimen.

Silica naturally attracts with water on a molecular level, but our silica does even more so because of it hexagional granular shape. The flat surfaces can retain water more efficiently.


All of the chemicals used in leeching are neutralized naturally over time, or through our processing plant.

The Congress Mine in Congress, AZ – about 1 1/2 hours northwest of Phoenix.


Yes, HGO improves the performance of coco by regulating drainage and increasing nutrient absorption.

HGO will supply the plants with some micronutrients. Depending upon what you are growing and the base material you are using, fertilization may change.

It depends on the hydroponics system. Some systems are water only where others use potting soil that is heavy in perlite.


It works with all types of grasses.

Effective results happen with both!


HGO Conditions soil naturally, helping to improve drainage and nutrient absorption in compacted soil. This can mean the success for acres of farmland that are in need of remediation or have compaction issues. This is done by a 100% earth-friendly, process and certified for organic use.

HGO is 100% recycled and purified through an environmentally friendly process certified for organic farming.

General Gardening Advice

Create a small mixture of one part household hydrogen peroxide (H202) with one part water and use a spray bottle to lightly apply the mixture to the top layer of the soil. Don’t use too much!

Call or visit your local nursery or gardening store and ask for their suggestion for an organic fungicide that is safe for your household.

Call or visit your local nursery or gardening store and ask for their suggestion for a good organically produced soil.
– Fox Farms: Ocean Forest Potting Soil
– Mother-Earth Product: Terracraft Potting Soil
– Texas Pure Products

You should use a quality, organics fertilizer. Call your local nursery for suggestions.

This varies greatly depensing on grass species and regional weather. Try some Home and Garden Forums or ask your local nursery for advice.

This varies from plant to plant. Look online for suggestions from multiple sources and try to pick the best practice for your schedule and plant type.

Use whitefly paper, or fly paper. You can hang it above your plants and avoid using messy/ dangerous chemicals indoors. Find it here.

Call or visit your local nursery or gardening store and ask for their suggestion for a good organically produced fertilizer.
Alaska Fish Fertilizer – Many large scale organic green houses use fish ponds as water resevoir because of the nutrients that particular mini-biome provide plants. This fertilizer concentrate mimics that environment.

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