Easy application in 4 simple steps

1Add to Organic Quality Soil

Add to Organic Quality Soil

2Mix in Harvest Gold Organics®


Mix in Harvest Gold Organics®
3Plant as you normally would

Plant as you normally would
4Water your plant

Water your plant


Add to Soil Mix
Add 1 part of Harvest Gold Organics® Premium Soil Conditioner per 9 parts of soil used during planting to the planting hole before placing your plants. Mix uniformly. Add water.

For container plants:
Thoroughly mix 1 lb. of Harvest Gold Organics® per gallon of soil to make your potting mix, then water normally.

For gardens or raised beds:
For every 2 ft. x 4 ft. x 1ft. area, thoroughly mix 6 lbs. or 2 bags of Harvest Gold Organics® into the soil mixture and water.

For lawns:
For every 60 Square Feet of lawn patches, aerate and evenly spread 3 lbs. or 1 bag of Harvest Gold Organics® and water.