What Our Customers Say About Our Product

Amazing Results

“We have these bald spots that have been very irritating and I’ve tried everything. Then I tried Harvest Gold Organics and it filled in beautifully. The yard is gorgeous.”

Joe F. - Colorado

Helps Boost Yields

“The Harvest Gold Organics plants towered over the other plants, the stalks were stronger and I did not have to stake the plants. The Harvest Gold Organics plants produced more tomatoes, the fruit had the best flavor and the peels were thin and easy to remove.”

Valerie B. - Florida

Water Consumption

“I planted two trees at the same time, 15 ft apart. Both were not doing very well. I applied HGO to one of the trees and within 8 weeks it was full of foliage and fruit.”

Mike H. - Arizona

Works Like Magic

“I’m a novice gardener and Harvest Gold has been incredibly helpful at making me feel like I have a green thumb :)”

Johanna - Facebook Message
Great Experience

“My Experience = Tremendous Growth, as well as exceptional flowering. Truly an amazing product. Plants I had considered giving up on due to frustration of a lot of care and work with very little satisfaction. This product changed everything! Now I truly, I mean truly enjoy my garden - seeing the magnificent results.”

Victoria C. - Florida

My New Favorite

“I have never grown such huge, fragrant mint leaves. My secret is Harvest Gold Organics.”

Chris N. - Texas

My Orchids Loved It

“After 2 months of Harvest Gold, my half dead orchids all came back to life with new growth.”

Jon C. - California

Incredible Crops

“Last year my peppers were so small they could only be chopped up for cooking. This year with Harvest Gold, I finally have peppers big enough to stuff!

Martha W. - Texas

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  1. raul brown (verified owner)

    usUtah, United States

    Too early to say right now since we started sprinkling the bits on each tree and plant recently before the rain occurred. Thanks.

  2. Iris (verified owner)

    usUnited States

  3. Ronda Hill (verified owner)

    usMissouri, United States

    Does an AMAZING JOB!