The benefits of HGO Premium Soil Conditioner for your garden

Harvest Gold Organic

Our Premium Soil Conditioner is an easy, safe and ORGANIC way to improve your garden.

What Is Soil Conditioner?

Soil conditioner is a mixture you can add to your soil to enrich it with slow-release nutrients. Low-quality soil can severely stunt a plant’s growth due to poor water absorption and lack of nutrients. Our soil conditioner is made from all-natural minerals combined with a powerful punch of nutrients. They are easy for your plants to absorb, so the benefits are applicable as soon as you water them.

How to Use Soil Conditioner

It’s easy to apply the soil conditioner to your garden and give your plants the minerals they need. When you plant vegetation, use a mixture of soil conditioner and soil. One part conditioner to 10 parts soil is the ideal ratio for the best growth. Be sure to mix the two thoroughly to ensure all the soil is enriched. Water the plants once you have placed them in the ground. This first watering activates the soil conditioner. If you use this method, you only need to apply the conditioner once.

Overall Effects on Your Soil

Actual photo of two plants grown side by side. Of course, you’ll notice the height difference, but check out those stems, too!

First, the conditioner creates a more favorable structure for plants to access water and minerals from the soil. A crystal structure creates pockets for the roots, letting them absorb water at the ideal rate. It keeps them from becoming waterlogged or getting too dry. The nutrients in the conditioner become available to the plants for absorption as soon as the soil is watered. They continue to take effect on plants as they grow. The slow release of minerals keeps nutrients available at the roots. This decreases the need for other supplements and soil additives over the plant’s lifespan. Instead, it can take fortitude from the supply already within reach. This keeps maintenance low.

Benefits of Silica in Your Soil

The HGO conditioner includes lots of natural silica to increase water retention. Its crystal formation keeps water in at plants’ roots without drowning them, instead offering the ideal conditions for water absorption. It helps plants build thicker structures, from the plant walls to the leaves, flowers, and even branches.

As a result, plants are better able to weather hardships and stress that may be out of your control. If mold and disease strike your beloved garden, they will be better able to stand it with the aid of silica enrichment. As the silica works its way into the xylem and phloem, the plant gains fungal resistance that helps keep it healthy. This mineral also works in combination with the other nutrients in the soil, by increasing their effectiveness.

The Other Nine Nutrients in Our Premium Soil Conditioner

Silica is one of the most important minerals in this soil conditioner, but these nine are also vital to plant health. All of these are found naturally in the earth and prepared for use in a processing plant. They are:

  • Soluble potash
  • Calcium
  • Phosphate
  • Magnesium
  • Sulfur
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Sodium
  • Zinc

Starting at the Roots

The roots are where the magic happens. As a Soil Conditioner, our product feeds the part of the plant that dictates overall health, and the results are easy to see in the photo above. Achieve twice the root, and as below… so is above!

As previously mentioned, silica helps create beneficial structures for roots to absorb water and nutrients. Other minerals also keep the roots happy and healthy. Calcium promotes root development. While they’re not pretty to look at, and usually stay underground, the roots keep the rest of the plant alive. If they become weak or are damaged, the rest of the plant can die. Calcium also helps protein synthesis.

Soluble potash refers to a combination of potassium and salt that is easily absorbed by water. This helps with absorption. It helps plants transport nutrients, water, and sugar through the roots and the xylem.

Better Plant Growth

The available phosphate included helps roots access the other minerals and break them down into units that are easily used to promote growth. Zinc helps plants produce more growth hormones for faster growth. It also creates internode elongation, which describes the distance between leaf buds. It increases the overall height of plants by increasing this distance.

Silica also keeps plants healthier. It wards off disease, pests, and other vulnerabilities by creating thick plant walls that are difficult to penetrate. Even if one of the above does affect a plant, the plant is less likely to die as a result.

Ideal for Edible Gardens

The organic, all-natural components of this soil conditioner make it the perfect choice for using on tomatoes, strawberries, basil, snap peas, and other backyard crops. Growing your own organic produce is a great way to avoid chemicals and pesticides as much as possible. HGO can help you with this goal.

With soil conditioner, fruits and vegetables grow bigger and are more robust. The constant supply of vital nutrients keeps them lush and beautiful. As the minerals break down into the soil, through the effects of time and watering, the roots can absorb them and reap the benefits.

Increased Plant Yield

Discover abundance without the chemicals and headaches that usually come with it. Our customers experience bounty AND beauty!

The combined efforts of all of these nutrients help create healthy plants with lots of budding flowers, fruits, and leaves. Some nutrients are more involved in increasing yield, however. Manganese increases photosynthesis. As a result, plants have more energy and can grow more quickly since they have more “food.” Less watering is necessary since the rate of absorption is higher. For large gardens, this can quickly add up to less work and even a lower water bill. After adding HGO for the first time, make sure to check the soil for moistness before watering. Be aware of the potential for overwatering that can drown plants, especially potted plants.

Soil Conditioner Creates Vibrant Leaves and Stems

Sulfur distributes chlorophyll across plants, giving them a more vibrant color. It also transforms proteins, making them available to vegetation, and promotes root growth. It even increases the metabolic processes and transpiration of plants. Magnesium is another nutrient that activates enzymes and promotes chlorophyll production. Chlorophyll not only creates a lovely green color, but it also helps leaves capture sunlight for photosynthesis.

Iron also improves the coloration of plants. It’s associated with richly green, leafy vegetables like spinach and kale.

Besides coloration, it enhances leaf respiration, helping plants to bring in the vital carbon dioxide that gets their glucose production in motion to help them become tall and strong. It even helps the production of enzymes that nourish vegetation.

Harvest Gold Organics Soil Conditioner contains a range of nutrients and silica to improve plant growth. The difference created by this rich supplement often becomes noticeable within two weeks. Take an easy step towards lusher, fuller gardens and crops by ordering HGO Soil Conditioner today.

All it takes is a single application for your plants to benefit from the nutrients and better soil quality. Let your plants reach their full potential. Find our full range here.