What Is Harvest Gold Organics?

As its name suggests, Harvest Gold Organics is a premium blend of natural silica and essential plant nutrients such as phosphate, soluble potash, sulfur, sodium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron.

What Are the Benefits of HGO for My Garden or Farm?

There are a number of huge benefits to applying Harvest Gold Organics to a garden, lawn, orchard, or organic vegetable field:
  • Increased growth: Having more nutrients and water constantly available enables plants to grow noticeably faster and more exuberantly.
  • Better stress resistance and durability: Since silica locks in moisture for long-term use, periods of less rainfall don’t damage your plants. HGO keeps them safe.
  • Deeper root systems: The chemical makeup of silica crystals contributes to keeping the soil aerated and spacious. As silica dissolves, it leaves openings where roots penetrate easily.
  • Lower watering costs: Using Harvest Gold Organics can reduce the time and money you spend watering by approximately 40 percent. Simply put, better water retention equals less watering.

How Do I Apply HGO?

Harvest Gold Organics dissolves effortlessly into soil or water. Follow these instructions to apply it to your plants:
  • For potted plants: Mix the product directly with your favorite potting soil prior to planting. Add HGO according to package instructions for each specific plant type.
  • For raised beds: Follow package instructions for your garden, mixing HGO with loose soil or potting soil.
In addition, you may wish to use two to four inches of HGO beneath this soil layer to insulate your plants and provide more balanced moisture drainage.

What Types of Plants Is HGO Ideal For?

Harvest Gold Organics can boost the growth and health of all plants, from garden perennials and succulents to veggie plants and fruit trees. Even lawns benefit from the added moisture, nutrients, and better soil structure available.

How Much Should I Use?

In most cases, aim for a ratio of one cup of Harvest Garden Silica for each gallon of soil. If you want to apply HGO to succulents directly via a sprayer, use a heavier concentration of one part HGO per five parts water.

How Quickly Does Harvest Garden Silica Work?

It doesn’t take long for you to notice the stunning difference in plant growth and health. In many cases, your garden will be more vibrant in around 10 to 14 days.

How Many Times Do I Need to Apply HGO?

Harvest Garden Silica is easy and fast to use. All your soil needs is one application during the entire growing season for an amazing performance. HGO provides long-term benefits, so reusing potting soil is a great idea.

Does HGO Help with Pest Control?

Harvest Garden Silica strengthens the cell walls of your plants. This makes them more resistant to damage from pests. In addition, many pests are less likely to affect healthy plants, preferring to attack at vulnerable times instead.

When Is the Best Moment to Add HGO to My Soil?

To maximize the nutrient benefits and growth of your plants, add Harvest Garden Silica right away, before planting. That said, there’s nothing wrong with applying HGO later on if your crops are already in the ground. The important thing is to have nutrients and moisture available as soon as plants start their growth cycle.

Is HGO Compatible with Hydroponics?

HGO can provide the full range of benefits to hydroponic systems where plant roots enter into contact with soil. It can also be applied as a liquid mist to strengthen cell walls, deliver nutrients directly to foliage, and protect plants against toxic compounds.

Are There Any Pesticides or Harmful Chemicals in HGO?

No. Harvest Garden Silica is a completely natural product that is safe for plants and humans.

Is HGO Compliant with Organic Gardening and Farming Certification?

Absolutely. HGO follows USDA National Organic Program standards, allowing both hobbyists and commercial growers to maintain an organic label.

Is HGO Safe If I Have Children or Pets?

Yes. The silica and natural minerals present in HGO do not pose a health hazard to kids or pets, even if your children like to play around in the dirt or the garden. However, children and adults should avoid inhaling HGO in its raw form.

Is It Safe to Eat Fruit and Vegetables Grown Using HGO?

As a totally natural nutrient supplement for plants, fruit, vegetables, legumes, and other edibles grown in HGO-rich soil, it is perfectly safe. Actually, they’re remarkably tasty thanks to better growth.

What Should I Do If I Accidentally Add Too Much HGO?

The answer depends on your plants’ pH tolerance. Applying Harvest Garden Silica at the recommended concentration doesn’t have a negative effect on soil pH. Excessive amounts of the product may introduce pH changes. Measure soil pH to be sure and dilute potting soil with fresh soil to obtain a better mixture if required.

Does Adding HGO to Soil Change the Watering or Fertilizing Cycle?

HGO increases the amount of moisture available to plants. After applying HGO, it’s important to avoid overwatering. You can save money when it comes to fertilizing by performing a soil analysis to determine what minerals are most needed now that HGO delivers increased nutrients. As its name suggests, Harvest Gold Organics is a premium blend of natural silica and essential plant nutrients such as phosphate, soluble potash, sulfur, sodium, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron.