Do Your Plants Need A Nanny?

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Low-Maintenance Plant Care Year-Round
Harvest Gold Organics makes your life easier. Like a plant nanny, our unique silica and mineral blend supports the health and care of grass, trees, shrubs, gardens, and potted plants.
OMRI Certified
Certified for organic use
Recycled Tailings
Gold mine tailings washed and repurposed to enhance plant health
Backed by Science
Rigorously tested since 2017
Conserve Water
Use less water and reduce run-off
Inside Every Bag of Harvest Gold Organics You’ll Find:
Eight essential plant micronutrients plus silica to feed your plants, making them incredibly strong while empowering them to produce more flowers and foliage.
The Best Plant Insurance You Will Find
Plants grown with Harvest Gold Organics are more resistant to heat, rain, frost, drought, wind, and pests. Harvest Gold Organics allows you to reduce fertilizer and water use by 30% in most cases.*

*Based on laboratory test results and more than 200 buyer reviews
See Application Instructions

One application lasts all season and continues to support soil health for up to 4 years. Apply additional HGO as needed with no harm to your plants. Continual top dressing and foliar spray (made by mixing HGO with water) has additional benefits. *

See Application Instructions

*Based on laboratory test results and more than 200 buyer reviews

Go Green Without the Guilt

Harvest Gold Organics is OMRI certified for organic use

  • 100% recycled and sustainably sourced
  • Conserves water (30% on average)
  • Reduces and eliminate run-off (protect waterways)
  • Reduces fertilizer use
  • Enhances the performance of fertilizer and soil amendments
  • Enhances organic growth and yield
  • Reduces metal toxicity in soil
  • Sequester carbon
  • 1 application helps regenerate soil for up to 4 years
  • Continual top dressing and foliar use supports ongoing care
Give Your Plants a Fighting Chance
Harvest Gold Organics Helps With:
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